We are focused on providing clients with a new and innovative approach to security services, one that blends our law enforcement background and knowledge as well as leading security technologies into a customizable set of cost effective and high quality set of security services.

In order to offer only the best to our clients, we have a service called „Security by Design“. This means we are able to offer custom services to clients who need specialized security measurements in their premises. We will satisfy every clients security needs, whatever they may be.

By taking this approach we can effectively reduce costs of security, depending on the specifications of the client. In the same time, we will still eliminate all risks and minimize the possibility of security incidents in your premises.

With this approach we are able to provide our clients with a substantially higher level of security and protection than any other security company.


Services included:

Security management with our „security by design“ method can include the following components:

Security protection. This includes security systems, alarm systems and also security guards, either on location of doing interval visits to the premises. We may also offer body guards and neighborhood guards – both armed and unarmed.
Monitoring system. This can either be a central monitoring system or a remote monitoring system. Both are available 24/7 and our officers are ready to act whenever there is an incident in any part of the property under our monitoring.
Mobile Patrol. Our officers are patrolling with vehicles equipped with radio and connected to our security centers, ready to act whenever there is an alarm in any property under our protection.
Escort services. Combined with body guard services, we can offer armed escorts of people or valuables from point A to point B quickly and securely.
Private investigation. We can do basic private investigation, backup check on people or employees, check criminal records and find out about the past of the people and companies that our clients are dealing with.

The process:

We offer security services and surveillance for:

If you have special requirements for establishing security and safety in your home or business, contact us and we will find a solution. Present us with what exactly do you need and we will provide you with a solution and a price quote for the execution of your ideas.

We will set up a meeting and discuss every aspect with you. After all the details are in place, and a budget is set, we will sign a contract with you.

Before assigning any security guards to your premises, we will train everyone who will be working with you. We will hand pick the most suitable officers for the job and we will train them and teach them every detail about your specialized security needs before they start working. This way we ensure that every requirement is met matching all your needs.