As every company is only as strong as is its management and its people, we value each and every one of our management team members. They are the ones leading our company to success. Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari management is responsible for promoting the company, training our staff and developing new strategies. They are the core of this company and with their skills and technical knowhow, Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari will easily fulfill their mission to “Guard Vibrantly, feel safely and live confidently”.
Everyone in our management team is concentrated on their work making our company more competitive, our staff members more professional and allowing our whole company to make waves in the industry because of satisfaction of our clients and great results in protecting them and their properties.


Housing/Residential services

We offer security services and surveillance for:

Company Apartments/Offices
Depending on the needs of the client, we can include on site or remote monitoring through a network of cameras and guard dogs. We have a mobile unit ready to rush to the premises whenever something suspicious is noted or when alarms are set off. Housing security services are affordable and easy to set up, which makes it essential to every household who cares about their residents and their valuables.

Commercial Services

We offer security services and surveillance for:

Office buildings
Shopping plazas
Recreational Clubs
Warehouses and Shipping companies & etc

For all of the above objects we offer armed and unarmed security guards, guard dogs, alarm systems and CCTV with on site or remote monitoring. For larger facilities and premises with valuable assets, on site security officers are recommended. Our uniformed security guards will patrol on location 24/7 to make sure everything is secure from intruders and other outside forces. In case of emergency or a security risk, our officers are trained to take action and handle the difficult situation quickly and efficiently. They have been trained to handle any situation, including giving first aid in case of injuries.

For smaller areas and more affordable solutions we offer monitored intruder alarms. We will install alarms that will go off in case of any unauthorized access to the premises. Guards are ready to react promptly to every alarm and will arrive in the matter of minutes. We will also notify the authorities and deal with the situation until they arrive at the scene.

Services for Government and public institutions

We offer security services and surveillance for:

Schools and Universities
Government Offices
Public areas
For government premises, especially schools, security is very important. We offer on site and off site monitoring as well as security guards on location 24/7, depending on the needs of each school or office. We also provide security services for public areas, like parks, to avoid destruction or theft of public property. We are working together with Government institutions to provide better security in schools and government offices.

Miscellaneous Services

Next to regular security services we also provide miscellaneous services that are connected to our main line of work.

Security Equipment. We provide, rent and install security equipment, including CCTV, security alarms and other related devices.
Installation of security systems. Our professional technicians will install any security system to your home or office quickly and without high costs. The system can be purchased from us or clients can use their own, we will make sure everything is in working order to protect our client’s assets from burglary or any other damage.
Equipment maintenance. Our trained staff will check and test your security equipment to ensure that everything is working as it is supposed to and there are no system failures.
Central Monitoring Services. Clients can connect their security systems with our central monitoring stations. This way, if an alarm is set of, our mobile units will arrive to your locations quickly to resolve the situation.