Tuan Haji Mohd Zamry bin Zainuddin
A visionary corporate leader and a responsible chairman of our company. His effectiveness and professionalism has led the company into a progressive success. He is also a respected public figure with extensive global experience. Previously, Mr Zamri has served the Petroleum Nasional Bhd (Petronas). His enormous experiences have led him to professionally strategize the planning towards the company. He has managed to thrive Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari successfully in a short period of time. He believes the key to provide quality services to our customers lays in giving comprehensive security training to all our team members and staff.
Puan Eleesma Mahmud
​A former bank executive who has ventured her experiences in multiple businesses and also financial institutions. With her strong background in business and finance, she has contributed a lot to Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari allowing her to lead the company to a great success. She is a very hardworking person who always welcomes new ideas and innovating methods which give our company the advantage of satisfying every customer’s needs.

Management Team

A good team management will always lead to a successful established company. We value each and every one of our management team members. We believe these are the ones leading our company to success. Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari management is responsible for promoting the company, training our staff and developing new strategies to ensure that we are on par with the market demand. We acknowledge our team management as the core of this company and with their skills and technical know-how, we can easily fulfil the mission to “Guard Vibrantly, feel safely and live confidently”.
Everyone in our management team is committed to providing excellent service. To ensure that we are competitive, we have a line of professional staff members in thrive to allow the whole company to make waves in the industry. Our promises to our clients is ‘satisfaction’ and ‘great results in protecting them and their properties’.