Why Choose Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari

Reliability. We don’t use the franchise system and we don’t hire third parties to do the work. All our officers and security guards are hired and trained by us, thus we are very confident in them. They are all professional and dedicated to their work and the safety of you and your property.
High Standards. All our services comply with high standards, all governmental and legal requirements are met. We have all the necessary certificates (and more) that prove our professionalism and ability to offer security services. We are here to protect and care for our customers.
Skilled staff. We always ensure that all our security guards are skilled, competent and credible while working. Their only goal is to protect you and your assets. Frequent training and new innovative techniques allow our officers to deal with any situation that may arise.
Solid Working Model. Our goal is to regulate security services at our customer’s premises and we are focused on a customer-friendly service.
Competitive Price. We offer affordable security guards to protect your valuable assets. We always deliver all the services we agreed upon and will never compromise the quality of our services, even with the good prices we have.
Private Investigation Availability. We also offer our clients the traditional range of services in the private investigation field.
Each and every one of our security staff is committed to only provide the best protection and services to all our clients.
Meeting Specific Requirements. If your premises or assets have some specific requirements, we will give additional training to the officers working for you to meet with every aspect of the security needs you have.
Safety First. We place safety and security of our clients and their property first and foremost.

Our Core Values

Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari has a set of core values in place to allow us to offer the best and only the best to our customers. Everyone in the company is well aware of all the values we present and does everything in their power to keep our customers satisfied.

We are dedicated towards our commitment. After signing a contract, we will not back down and will do everything agreed upon efficiently.
We recruit only on the grounds of talent. Our officers are fit, smart and dedicated to giving their all for your benefit.
Integrity and reputation is critical in our organization. We are proud of all our officers for their professional attitude towards their work. Our clients are happy with the services received. All that helps to build up our reputation.
Displaying high ethical standards. We keep our work ethics high and we keep our client’s confidentiality and data safe.
We strive to be innovative and creative in what we do. We are always developing new innovative strategies in the benefit of the client. All our staff members get regular trainings that help them keep up with the developments in the security field.
We value our own team of people, which means they can deliver value to you. Our officers are happy working for us, which means they do their work with pride and joy, giving you the best service.