All the members of Kawalan Keselamatan Sanubari security team are focused on giving the best services to our clients, putting their security need above everything else, protecting their belongings and their property from unwanted damages or theft.Here are the reasons why our officers are the best in the business:

Every security guard is qualified and professional in their work.
Staff members working on your property are trained to meet all the special requirements you might have.
Everyone has passed First Aid and Safety training before starting work.
Our guards are responsible and committed, always putting your needs first.
We have officers working 24/7 keeping your property safe at all times.
Our friendly and helpful staff members are always ready to answer your questions and open to suggestions how to perfect their work even more.
Each and every one of our security staff is committed to only provide the best protection and services to all our clients.
Discipline is guaranteed and all our officers are fit to work as security guards.


Training is a very important part of getting our officers ready for the work. Before assigning anyone to a position, we provide extensive training. All officers will have to pass First Aid and Safety training. This allows them to take the correct action in case something happens on the job. Their medical training will allow them to give first aid in case of accidents and different medical conditions. All hired staff members are also fit and ready to take any assignments, even those that need physical strength.

Even existing officers get additional training whenever new innovations or technology is introduced or if special requirements are needed for a specific client.  Trained staff is the key to a successful security company, and that is exactly what we are aiming for – to provide professional services and to satisfy every client.